Monday, January 24, 2011

Bang Bang

Today was my first day back at school.  It felt really weird because
a) I feel like I have been out of school for about a bagillion years
b) It was sunny and warm and felt like summer.

I started my day with US History which many feel is a giant snorefest, but I actually really enjoy. Today's discussion: Mark Twain. My teacher is awesome too and he seems to loveeee everything he teaches. Don't you LOVE it when you get teachers like that?!

My next class was Cardio Boxing.  I'm not sure if I am retarded and read the description wrong or if CC was false advertising the class but I swore I signed up for Cardio KICKboxing (aka that "boxing" class you find at the gym for wimpy girls). I was mistaken. My first clue came when I was waiting outside for class to start and I noticed a bunch of boys waiting for the same class. I figured they OBVIOUSLY read the class description wrong. Second clue: some of the boys were holding boxing gloves. Again, they obviously had the wrong impression about the class. Final clue: the husky woman teacher walks up and says "Welcome to intermediate cardio boxing! Does everyone have boxing gloves?"

This will be me in a few weeks

Let me back up... I signed up for intermediate boxing because I thought this was frilly-girly boxing and well, pshhhh I can do that all day! Simple punch here, basic air kick there... but no.

Anyways, this class sounds intense, but I'm really excited! I've secretly always wanted to box! I actually put it on my vision board (The Secret) years ago. I guess the stars have finally aligned for my boxing career to commence. I hear it's an amazing cardio/toning workout. I was considering transferring to the beginning class, but it didn't fit as well into my schedule. Intermediate it is!

Ok, hopefully not Muhammad Ali. Maybe this chick!

Hope chem, calc, and the cold are treating you well!

By the way, check out this website I found. It's like google image but the pictures are cuter :)


  1. 1. I feel you on the warm weather.

    2. Uhhh....I'm going to be so impressed when I see you next and you are a black belt in...kickboxing or whatever.

    3. Hey, I miss you. haha :)

  2. Hahah I miss you too! BLOG!!!!!!!! I need to hear about your life woman!

  3. hahahahaha oh my gosh, totally would have left if i were you. but i'm proud youre sticking're gonna be ripped! you have to tell me how it goes

    ps lauren #2-its about time you started one. we wanna be able to stalk your life