Monday, January 24, 2011

128 Hours

Ok, maybe my hike wasn't THAT crazy/scary, but it sure seemed close!

The first portion of the 7 Falls hike was easy peasy! It was basically just an uphill walk for about a mile on a paved walkway. Then, the concrete turned to dirt and we began walking on the dirt trail. I assumed this would be what the rest of our hike was like. Nope. The dirt trail soon ended and there was only a creek left. I thought it was safe to assume our hike had ended. Wrong again! Devin and Harrison kept on going like it was no big deal!
This was the point where I was about to just say "You guys keep going, I'm going to stay right here on this rock (and NOT die!)" but I manned up and followed along. By this point, the shoes had come off because we were trekking through the creek. We climbed and hopped rocks and boulders until we found the perfect spot for a snack. It was so green and peaceful, I figured if we got lost out there, it may not be that bad.
About an hour and a half into our hike, I decided to draw the line. Devin and Harrison proceeded to climb a rock that was completely vertical and I knew this was my queue to sit back and relax. They said they'd check out downstream and would be back in 10 minutes. I felt that I had grown about 5 new pairs of balls by this point anyways. No need to keep proving myself! By the time they returned, I was completely zenned out. I probably could have fallen asleep (but all the rushing water kind of made me want to pee, and I didn't want to pop a squat in a bush for the fear of poison oak).
We began heading back but found a trail that lead up another path. Harry said he though this was "Inspiration Peak", a spot that looked over all of Santa Barbara. Of course we had to check it out! About 1 minute into that venture, Devin and I were ready to turn back. This hill was like nothing I'd seen before! Imagine that Cambria Hill but on dirt and about 4 times as long. Yeah. After a little convincing, Harry got us to keep walking. I think it paid off :)
Next week's agenda? Tangerine Falls! I hope you can get over here for Spring Break!!! We all miss you!


  1. wow! so jealous! i wish wish wish i could have been are those 5 new pairs of balls workin out for ya? hahaha! so funny. that last hill does not sound fun, cambria hill is bad enough. 4 times as long? your ass must be solid!!

    ps you do realize its 127 hours right??? or did you add the extra hour for emphasis on how adventurous the hike turned out to be? haha!

  2. Hahahaha i may have thought it was 128 hours...

    BUT I have an excuse! I said something about 127 hours to Harrison and Devin and they said it was 128!