Sunday, January 23, 2011


Last night Meredith and I had a roomie movie night and watched Marley and Me. Oh man. I'm pretty sure all 70 ounces of water I drank throughout the day came out through my eyes and nose in the form of tears and snot. That movie seriously gets me every time! I also spent a solid potion of the movie drooling over how Jennifer Aniston is the perfect specimen. I never appreciated her before but now I think I have a little woman crush on her.

In a few hours, Devin, Harrison and I are going on a hike up in the mountains. I think we're going to some place called 7 Falls. Hopefully we can start making these hiking trips a weekly thing! I want to hike Tangerine Falls in Montecito (where Oprah lives). I'm determined to stalk *cough* I mean meet her!
7 Falls
Tangerine Falls
Tangerine Falls
Next tuesday I'm invited to watch/help out at the shooting of Hugh Jackman's new movie. Unfortunately, I'll be in school :( I'm going to see how my first week of classes go and maybe my teachers will let me off the hook on Tuesday so I can go. Fingers crossed!

Happy Sunday!


  1. ah! im jealous! a. because i wanna hang with you dev and harry b. because i want to hike! its so cold here i cant even think about it! but i found this whole list of guides that uk puts on at a place called red river gorge...when the weather gets nicer i'll definintely be participating!

  2. Sooo jealous of your hike! It's freeeezing here in DC!