Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gaucho Gear

Sorry for the posts lately! (or lack there of...)

I have been on the weirdest schedule! From about Thursday to Saturday, I was falling asleep between 3-4am and getting up at about 8.  No bueno... especially for a girl who ordinarily falls asleep at 10 and wakes up at 7. These past couple days, I've been sleeping 10-11 hours and still feeling poopy. I've had little to no energy to get outside and run, study, or pretty much anything that involved any sort of effort. I think this may be an accumulation of being sleep deprived, then getting too much sleep, not eating as well, and not exercising. Today's a new day though! I'm turning this around!

After class I rode over to the bookstore because I felt I was in need of UCSB gear. I figure this is the place I'm graduating from so I'll be reppin' this stuff for a while. I ended up with a tank top, sweat pants, and sweatshirt (getting ready for the winter if you couldn't tell).

I then met with my friend Bryna (who I worked at Jack's with in high school) at the Coffee Collaborative.  

This was a little hole-in-the wall coffee shop. So adorable inside and out! It reminded me of Central Perk because inside, there were couches, eclectic art, and a bunch of board games! I'm definitely going to be coming here more often. I didn't get any coffee unfortunately because as you know, I'm trying to get back into my routine sleep habit, but they had awesome latte flavors like coconut, almond, caramel apple cider, heath, and Love (raspberry and white chocolate). I also love it when coffee shops offer almond milk, and of course, this one did! 

Bryna and I sat outside and came ready to study, but we did a little less of that and a little more chatting and listening to the music from the restaurant next door. I swear these people had our Rio fashion show playlist because within an hour, they played "Fire Burning", "Achy Breaky Heart", and "Disturbia". Random selection...?

I'm off now to bake my friend a special fall-festive dessert for his 21st birthday! I'll post about this delicious goodness tomorrow :P

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