Saturday, October 8, 2011


Currently Listening to: Summer Hits of the 90s Pandora Radio station

Yesterday I set out on a mission to find a delicious smelling autumn/winter candle.


Potent, pumpkin-y, cozy, but not too sweet (so I don't get a headache after hours of smelling it).

I also popped by Anthropologie where they were having a big sale! LOVE ITTT! 25% off all sale items! You should go check it out if you get the chance.

Instinct buys, instinct buys, instinct buys! I'm telling you, this is when you get your best stuff. The UGGS that I've had since the summer after 8th grade, instinct buy in Oregon. Guess what. I'm wearing them right now. These babies have lasted me over 6 years! They're probably the most worn item in my closet.

I bought a super cute military inspired jacket. I've been wanting an army green one, but an off-white one caught my eye instead. I figured it would go with more. That's a $118 jacket for about $55. SCORE!

I also bought this spaghetti strap.

I just saw this jacket online and now I really want it too! Zut.

Dinner was salmon and kale chips! I made a batch of kale chips that ended up turning brown/burnt. I threw them away and made a second batch that turned out not crispy enough. Any secrets to making them well?

(Pre-cooked) It was deeeeeelicious!

Happy weekend to all, and to all a good day.


  1. mm i hit up the urban sale this weekend too!

  2. awww that pic! i can't believe you still have it. those things you bought scream 'lauren' we are going shopping when i see you in a few weeks