Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lazy Acres

Currently listening to: No Such Thing by John Mayer

It rained last night!!! Eeeeeep! I love it! When i went for my run this morning, everything smelled like autumn. So fresh, so clean... yadadamean? Because of this sudden weather change, I feel the need to put John Mayer on repeat. Just one of those things you gotta do.

After my (really, really ridiculously boring) 11am class, I met up with my friend Lauren for lunch at Lazy Acres. She was Madison's roomie last year and I haven't seen her since I've been back in Santa Barbara. Whenever I go to Lazy Acres, I always have to look at what they have on special. These items are always really good and super cheap! Today's was turkey meatloaf. Yum. Perfect cold weather food, eh eh?

After eating and catching up, we ventured back inside to take a gander at all of the awesome, unique items. I didn't intend on buying anything but "instinct buys" are kind of my middle name. I ended coming out with dried turkish figs, carob chips (thanks to another one of Emily's wonderful suggestions), and Crunchies. 

What are Crunchies?  They're freeze dried fruit. Worth the $5.75 I spent on them? I'm not sure, I haven't tried them yet, but they came in a tropical fruit mix that I couldn't resist. I'm going to think of it as an investment because now I can try mango, banana, strawberry, pineapple, and orange all on one bag versus Trader Joe's were I'd have to buy each individually. 

The carob chips I added to my trail mix of raw cashews, slivered almonds, and coconut shavings. Brilliant! 

We also strolled by the nut butter isle. Lauren suggested one from Peanut Butter and Co: dark chocolate peanut butter! Unfortunately, they were sold out, but have no fear, they had a cinnamon raisin peanut butter in stock! It was too expensive to buy (especially since I was already getting those 6 buck Crunchies) but Lauren did let me try some of her dark chocolate peanut butter at home. Oh lord. I'm just glad I don't have it at my house because it'd be gone in a day, tops. I took a nice spoonful for "dessert". Heated up, it would be AMAZING on top of ice cream! Let me stop at that because I'm salivating a little more than I'd like to be right now. 

I also came across a pumpkin seed butter! Heaven? I'm sure! But look at that price! 

Ouch! My wallet isn't ready for that blow yet.

Off to my night class. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain on my while I'm biking!

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  1. yeahhh so i just dropped two F-bombs when i read about the cinnamon swirl and pumpkin seed butters... MMMM!!!!!!!!