Sunday, October 2, 2011

Putting the "kin" in Pumpkin

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This weekend has been chock-full of fun, new endeavors!

Friday night, the movie Bridesmaids was playing at the IV Theater for $4! Gotta love student prices in college towns.  I wasn't the biggest fan of this movie when I first saw it in theaters; that very well may have been from all the hype and overexposure of the whole ordeal.  This time around, I loved it! My friend Erin and I were laughing the majority of the time.  Judd Apatow, the producer of this movie, is one of my favorite filmmakers and wrote, produced, or directed other hilarious movies such as Get Him to the Greek, Step BrothersPineapple ExpressForgetting Sarah Marshal, Knocked Up, Superbad, Anchorman, 40 Year Old Virgin. Can you say "rolling in the dough"??

This week was also my first weeks working at my new Trader Joe's! This transfer went smoothly, but I still definitely miss my old homies at the store in Sac. I'm sure the people at my new store will be just as awesome though.

One big perk about working at Trader Joe's is that I get to virtually shop/brows for 8 hours during each of my shifts. This morning, I was putting up some coffee and tea when I came across this heaven-sent.  

Pumpin Spice coffee?!?!?!?!?!?

I think I mentioned in the previous post how grateful I am for pumpkin items. Well, not only am I an avid pumpkin consumer, but I am also a coffee addict! A girl wakes up for work at 4am and finds this orange tin 3 hours into her shift; what's a girl to do?! Of course I ran right over to my manager and told him about this new item with bright eyes and a giddy grin. Of course he was excited too and decided to brew a fresh pot (the only reasonable thing to do)!

One word describes it... MMMM (that's more a sound than a word, but you get the picture).

(this was just too perfect!)

I also added to my list of groceries: cocoa powder. I seem to buy whatever I stock that day. This was also inspired by Emily's shakes.

Well, time to get back to tanning and studying while the sun's still out! I hear next week it's supposed to rain so my goal is to get as dark as possible until then.

Over and out!

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  1. PUMPKIN COFFEE!!! why the heck are there no trader joes close by? i'm envious. i'm glad i've inspired you to buy cooca. and what a coincidence, kenz and i watched bridesmaids last night while i downed that pint of ice cream!