Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pot Pie

Today was such a stormy, gloomy day... I loved it! We actually just had a tornado warning (I feel like that's a little dramatic though).

Days like these make me want to 

1) Sleep in

2) Light yummy candles

3) Watch Desperate Housewives all day long from under my fluffy down blanket

4) Make something warm and delicious for dinner

so that's just what I did!

I bought a chicken pot pie from Trader Joe's yesterday. I've been craving one since before winter break and I felt like the February showers were my last chance at having one. 

It was just what I needed :P


  1. yummmm if it werent sunny and warm here (for once) i'd go for some chicken pot pie.
    that day just reminds me of winter break, sitting on your couch, refusing to exercise, snacking alllllll day-just one more veggie chip-watching episodes of pll. take me back. NOW

  2. mmmmmm i miss trader joes.... and whole foods.

    arizona sucks.