Saturday, February 26, 2011

Never Say Never

Yup, I saw it! I have no shame. Never Say Never was surprisingly reallllllly good. I'd see it again fosho. I loved "Justice Beaver" (quoted from the last episode of The Office) last year but after he became overexposed, I fell off the bandwagon. After seeing this movie, I've definitely rekindled my crush for the Biebs.

I'll stop talking about him while I'm ahead though because I know there's a large number of people out there (you included) who think he's a waste of space. So on that note, let me tell you about my life...

This past week has been full of tests, midterms, essays, and other unpleasant things.  When Thursday finally rolled around, I was about ready to keel over and cry.  Every day this week, I brought a ThinkThin bar to school as part of my lunch. I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious they were! So far, I've tried the Creamy PB (my personal fav), Chocolate Mudslide, and Lemon Bar. These babies have an amazing amount of protein with no sugar. Paired with my vanilla nut coffee with hazelnut creamer at school makes for a very affordable and portable lunch! After school on Thursday, I made my way over to Whole Foods to restock on my new beloved bars.  They were on sale for 4 for $5 and since they change their specials on Fridays (is it sad that I know that?) I stopped by on my way home from school.  While checking out, the cashier lady told me that if I bought 10 bars, I'd get 10% off! It was my lucky day! In case you were wondering, thats 10 ThinkThin bars for $11.

This is my adorable (and TINY) Whole Foods. Surprising, there's only one in SB!

Thursday night also consisted of special yummy caramel brownies made by Momma Trevor.  Yes, Trevor's mommy baked these babies. Yeah, I thought that was weird too.... but these brownies were OUT OF THIS WORLD. Honestly, I couldn't taste any special ingredients in them whatsoever. The next 24 hours were pretty much a blur but I remember it being a pretty funny blur.

That leads me back to today.  This morning I woke up and it had finally stopped raining.  It has been pouring cats, dogs, chickens, and goats all throughout Thursday and Friday.  Fortunately, this morning was bright and sunny so I hopped in my Prius and headed to State Street! I roamed around for a bit, bought a nice big froyo, and ended up settling in the Metro 4 movie theater (one of the cute old fashioned ones) for Never Say Never.  After my movie, I picked up Chipotle for lunner, which I had been craving, and headed back to Isla Vista. I can tell it's about to downpour in the near future.  There are unpromising grey clouds hurdling towards us from over the mountains. Eeeep! Movie night again? I think so!!!

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  1. I HAD CHIPOTLE LAST NIGHT!!!!!! thats so weird we crave the same foods!!!

    i got my thinkthins today too...dark chocolate and chocolate fudge. weeeee! and justice beaver? hahahahaha i lol-ed at that!