Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Oscar Sunday!

I'm making my official statement here. Step aside James and Anne, I will be hosting the 2018 Oscars with Ashton Kutcher.

Here's the Oscar I'm going to win as well. I figure I might as well throw that one in there. The Secret

Anyways, this morning Meredith and I woke up and had a inkling to actually do something. I suggested a powerwalk to the ocean but she wasn't buying it.  We settled on a hike to Hot Springs. We'll have to hike this when you come visit.  It's in Montecito behind all of these enormous houses.  I'm talkin' BIG BUCKS! Meredith and I (in our Desperate Housewives phase) decided that we're going to buy houses here someday and become the real life Susan and Gabby.  We're also looking for a Brie to pop on over once and a while and bring us homemade muffins and baked goods. Contact me if you know anyone who would be willing to take us up on the offer. We pay in smiles and hugs :)

After our excursion, we drove by Oprah's to say wussup.  Unfortunately, she wasn't home.  She was getting ready for the Oscars or whatever... obviously someone needs to get her priorities in check.

To my dismay, I was unable to watch tonight's Oscars. It was KILLING me.  I finally found a place to watch it at 7, but it wasn't the same catching it half way through.  I'll just have to watch my DVRed show when I get back to Sac.  On the bright side, I watched it at my friends Lauren and Madison's place (the 2 girls a couple doors down who are from El Dorado Hills).  Their friend from USC was over for her birthday weekend and she seemed really nice.  She actually reminded me of someone but I can't quite put my finger on who... I'm sure it'll come to me.  BUT Lauren's mom brought her homemade cookie dough last weekend, so she popped that baby in the over and made some fresh, warm cookies.  I'd say that semi makes up for the 4 week delay on my Oscar-viewing night.

Have a fantastic week!!!

(I just learned that means "kiss" in Swedish)
Random Fact of Knowledge: When Swede's text, skype, ichat, etc, they always end with "puss".  Apparently it's their more often used version of our "xoxo".


  1. sounds like a good night to me! i was at work so i didn't get to watch at all :( oh wellllll maybe we can watch together in sac???

    PUSS. haha