Monday, February 28, 2011

Coconut Creamer

You know those mornings when you wake up without an alarm clock? That was this morning for me.  I was up and at 'em by 7:30am! I guess early nights lead to early mornings.

Because I had so much time on my hands, I brewed some coffee and paired it with my new So Delicious Coconut Creamer!

Last Friday, while browsing through Lazy Acres, I stumbled upon this lovely thing.  I was desperately in need for coffee but was deciding whether or not to 1) refill my reusable mug at school for a buck (where I can pair my yummy vanilla nut coffee with hazelnut creamer 2) buy some a Starbucks for $0 because my dear old daddy gave me a gift card for Valentine's Day 3) Find a more healthy creamer at Lazy Acres so that I can stretch my buck in the long run.

I chose option 3! Mind you, I have never been into half and half or creamers of any sort.  I think the only time I'd ever used them was at your house when your mom bought those yummy flavors.  Now I'm a little addicted to the hazelnut taste. This creamer is amazing! Its only 20 calories, 0g of fat, and 4g of sugar (the sugar part is evaporated cane juice). Miracle creamer, right?!

Well, I'm off to school. Happy monday to all, and to all a good day!


  1. oooh the entire time i thought the creamer tasted like coconut...i was gonna say thats an interesting combination. i cant wait to go to lazy acres

  2. wahhhhhh you're posts always make me so depressed that i chose to move to a place that has no sense of healthy eating. well ok maybe not NO sense but arizona definitely doesnt not understand how californians think. that creamer looks amazing.... im enjoying my coffee with good old milk.

    at least i have my paul deen mug to make up for it!