Sunday, February 13, 2011

Copious Cupcakes

Yesterday was the most beautiful, sunny, warm day! After tanning for an hour, I was sweating like a pig! Today, on the other hand, was a bit breezy and cool. I don't know what happened! I guess I'll take that one up with Mother Nature.

Yesterday was so nice, Meredith and I decided to have people over for a evening BBQ! So much fun! We had hot dogs, turkey dogs, burgers, and chips and salsa. Couldn't have asked for a better menu. Meredith also made cupcakes for John's birthday. Funfetti ON funfetti! Basically, it was a party in a cupcake.

This amazing cupcake sparked my craving for more cupcakes; fortunately, I wasn't craving for too long.

Linnea, my Swede friend sent from Heaven, knocked on my door with a smile and cupcake in hand. She had been baking for Valentine's Day! What a saint!

So, lately I've had an obsession with cereal. Even MORE than usual (which is a scary amount). I've gone through boxes and boxes of Kashi Go Lean Crunch! I eat it every single morning with half a banana and Trader Joe's vanilla soy milk. I'm still not sick of it in the slightest!


  1. ok thats enough. you've gotten to eat 2 cupcakes while i still have none. this crap ends now. im going on a cupcake hunt!

    also, you better save that seat to the right of you because i'll be joining you in that hot santa barbara sun in NO time!!! eeeeeweeeee

    ps just ate my kashi and banana :)

  2. I stole one of the cupcakes my friend made for her boy friend for valentines day haha but we really need to get on making the Arnold Palmer cupcakes Emily said were on the Paula Deen show today.

    But funfetti would work too :)