Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Funday

That Paula Deen recipe makes me hungry! Add that to our list of things to make/do over winter break! I wish I had Food Network. I miss it so much. Maybe more than Disney Channel, which is saying something for me hahah. I hope you still made cornbread and chili! I'm envious. I need to buy some cornbread next time I make a trip to Trader Joe's. I have turkey chili but making that alone is like chocolate without peanut butter.

Meredith and I woke up pretty early this morning and decided that we wanted lattes, so we hopped on our beach cruisers and were off to Caje. Caje is the cutest little cafe that only serves natural ingredients (I usually order the agave latte with cinnamon. It's to die for!) Today, I saw a sign outside that said "Holiday Beverages". I peed my pants a little. I chose a pumpkin spice latte and am saving the egg nog latte for next time. Then, I saw the most delicious and perfectly yellow banana. I had to buy it. It was HUGE! Literally, it was the size of a human head (and Mere and I have pretty mondo sized heads).

After we rode home, we decided that we wanted to skip out on doing homework and spend our Sunday downtown. I think State Street is ready for Christmas! :D
We took a nice stroll through Nordies and had lunch upstairs in the Cafe. I ordered off of the kids menu and for $5.38, I got an enormous grilled cheese, a cup of mouth watering tomato basil soup, a handful of chips, fruit, and a drink!!! It's safe to say that Nordstrom's Cafe is my new favorite restaurant.
Then, we walked down to Lush where I spent all of the money that I don't have. Who needs groceries when you can buy lotion, right? I LOVE THAT STORE. I bought a bunch of Christmas scents. Close your eyes for a minute and just imagine taking a whiff of cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, an assortment of spices, marshmallow, and a hint of cocoa. Mouth watering yet? Mine is. Everything there is fresh and organic and you can actually eat a lot of their stuff (it's THAT fresh)!
Now I'm back home and am debating what I should do next. To work out, or not to workout? To write an essay, or not to write an essay? To eat some buckeyes and watch Friends... I'm just going to stop myself right there. That is exactly what I'm going to do. Wish you could join me! Hope you're Sunday was just as relaxing as mine. Miss you like crazy :)


  1. can we trade lives? caje looks so cute. very california with the colorful exterior. i have to say i've only eaten at nordstroms cafe once and got some avocado sandwich that was to die for. your grilled cheese looked so yummy too!next time youre at the nordstroms cafe you have to get a sugar free vanilla ice storm. AMAZING. but if its cold there, you may not want to. its blended so it freezes your insides. the lush thing in the tin....what is that? it looks like a hersheys cookies and creme bar. friends and buckeyes, perfect example of why we are friends :) miss you!

  2. I'm definitely going to have to try that ice storm next time! Mmmmm! The thing in that tin is a Massage Bar. You rub it on yourself and it moisturizes your skin like lotion but in bar version! That particular one has little Aduki beans to help massage. They have other ones that are tinted and shimmery and are perfect for the summer to rub on your body and legs! There's more about it on the "Green" page :)