Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meredith's Birthday

This baby's going to be a double duty post since I couldn't post yesterday. Meredith and I were pretty busy getting everything ready for her 20th birthday party! Anyways, I'll just put this in a Part Une/Part Deux format.

Part Une: Friday
This was my first Friday without class! Whoooppeee!!! I woke up and planned on outlining some of my essays but that didn't happen. Instead, Meredith and I went down to State Street to grab a couple things at LUSH. She wanted to buy a new face wash and I bought her a face mask that she's been wanting as part of her birthday present.

On our way back to the apartment, we picked up her friend Bryan. Then, we got back to our place and Jessica was here. We spent a few hours just talking and hanging out and then decided to go to dinner before Meredith's birthday party started.

We went down to Town Center in Isla Vista and Jessica and I split nachos from Freebirds. These nachos are larger than life. They easily weigh more than a large infant (not even exaggerating)! This place has a line that wraps all the way out the door from about midnight to 3am on weekends (drunk munchies?). It's a lot like Chipotle because it is an assembly line style.

Part Deux: Today
Today is Meredith's Birthday! She and 2 of her friends have close birthdays so they had a big party last night. It was a lot of fun but now I'm drained. Mere and John just left for home because they get to start their Thanksgiving break early (luckyyyyy)! I'm stuck by myself until Tuesday. I guess that's good because now it'll be super quiet around here and I'll be able to whip out 2 of my 6 essays that I need to complete in the next few weeks. Bleckkk

I woke up this morning and was starvin' like Lee Marvin (I'm not exactly sure who Lee Marvin is, but my mom always says that). I made a delicious breakfast sandwich on a wheat english muffin. I toasted the muffin, melted some muenster cheese inside of an egg, spread on some yummy Trader Joe's hummus, added on some spinach, and inhaled that sucker in a matter of 2 minutes! Impressed?
As you can see, this picture almost didn't even get taken. I gobbled it up way too fast and half of it was already in my belly before I even remembered to take a picture.

Now I'm off to hopefully start writing some papers! Wish me luck! (I'll need it)


  1. WOW! i am so impressed by that breakfast sandwich! it sounds so good and healthy. meunester cheese is so good bought mere facewash? surprise. haha!!

  2. Correction: Face MASK. Its has blueberries, almond oil, and orange oil in it and smells SO good. Its called Catastrophe. It removes toxins from your face and replenishes it with vitamins! I got a sample so I'll wear it for you tonight when we skype! i'll be looking super cute ;)