Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble

I woke up this morning with the intentions of running Run to Feed the Hungry but ended up missing it because I was still sleeping my dad leaves at the crack of dawn to avoid crowds (which seems like a "Moo point" if you ask me).

I just realized the Moo Point episode of Friends is season 7's Thanksgiving episode too! How appropriate. Speaking of Friends, what's your favorite Thanksgiving episode? I think mine has to be season 8's just because Joey has to eat the entire turkey by himself, gets the meat sweats, and then comes back for dessert HAH it reminds me of something you and I would do for Thanksgiving.

This morning I woke up and helped my mom make her famous trifle! The box of pound cakes came in a pack of 3 consisting of plain, banana nut, and apple crumb. The apple crumb one was calling my name so I cut a piece off and ate it for breakfast! It was so amazing I came back for seconds :) I figure our theory holds strong... it's winter, we need the extra layers of fat to hibernate.
NutBerry Trifle
After making a trip to see my Popo and Gong Gong, we came home and I made Pumpkin Spice Cookies. I found these on the PBFingers blog and they were too easy and delicious looking to not make.

These babies did not disappoint! They're like little pumpkin pillows!


  1. 1st off...your moms camera is amazing. the pics look straight out of a magazine then i recognized the tray of persimons on your counter top. you always have those out! the triffle looks delicious, im confused about the bread though, whered you get it?
    favorite friends episode: the one where everyones late and they're in the hall and joey gets his head stuck in the door :)

  2. HAHAHA Great episode! "Water balloon!!! Pshhhhhhh"

    And yeah her camera SHOULD take amazing pictures. The camera cost a bagillion dollars. I like to take credit for making the pictures look extra nice though. I mean I was the one who set the aperture, shutter speed, etc. :)

    You know those delicious pound cakes at Costco? They usually sell them in packs and my mom makes her trifle out of them. They only had an assorted flavor one this time and one of them was apple crumb so I decided to just eat it instead of making her trifle out of it.

  3. hahaha i can imagine. those nikons will burn a hole in your pocket. im proud of you should send those in to bon apetit.
    i've never had costcos delicious pound cakes!! can she remake this triffle when i get home? pretty please?

  4. She would loveeeee to!!! I'll help her... and then i'll set some pound cake aside for us to snack on :)