Friday, November 26, 2010

Drool Puddles

Prepare yourself. This is about to be a gallery of photos from yesterday!

Thursday (Thanksgiving)
My mom and I went over to Joan's at about noon to help her with last minute prepping. Her house was permeating with the smell of rosemary. This is when my ever present drool puddle started to develop. Sitting atop of her stove was an enormous pot of crab legs (drool puddle expanding). 
My tasks were to 
1. Tie ribbons around the napkins to make them look sparkly and festive
2.Fan the pie crust triangles around a plate. 
After this intense labor, we were ready for lunch. Joan had maple sausage, hash browns, and eggs so we decided on breakfast for lunch. Man, oh man, I forgot how much I love breakfast food! It really is the best meal of the day. I also took this opportunity to snap a few pictures of gorgeous kitchen. 
She's very picky about the way things look (kind of like someone else I know, cough you cough) so she designed these doors to look like a wine cellar but it really leads to her laundry room. They ended up putting her design in some fancy shmancy home decorating magazine.
Her sink looks like it should be in a garden
This is her actual house phone!
At 4pm we started feasting!
There was way more food but I was too excited about eating to take more pictures.

When I woke this morning, I smelled something really good going on downstairs. I thought it smelled like... quiche? 
It WAS Quiche! I was wonderstruck. My mom has never made this before! This mama jama's got MAD SKILLZ MAYNE! It was absolutely deeeeelish!
Kobe says "hi!"
So does my mom :)


  1. oh my gosh her kitchen is beautiful! it does not belong in a gr house but i really like it with the huge glass window it looks really cool! I WANT QUICHE! your mother is looking very nice. breakfast is always a good meal; breaky lunch or din din!

    how could you possibly leave home and go back to gr after the week you've been having?! maybe its a good thing i didnt go home cuz i for sure wouldnt be coming back to take finals etc etc

  2. Hahahahahah Seriously!!!

    And we didn't skype today as planned :( tomorrow get ready and stay close to your laptop! It's happening!

  3. All I can say is....AWWWWWWWW!!! :)