Monday, April 4, 2011

*Singing* I Want Candy! dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

It's official. I want to relocate to Sweden.

Yesterday, Sara, Linnea, and I went on a morning stroll (and by morning I mean 1pm because that's about the time we woke up and mustered up enough energy to actually get our day started). On this stroll we discussed Swedish versus American school systems, politics, and royalty, and fashion.

Fun Facts About Swedish Culture:
1) High schools in Sweden are more lax with students.  Attendance and tardies are not important; if you don't show up to school and you don't do well, that's your problem not theirs.
2) Women and men are treated completely equal. I know what you're thinking, they are equal in America too, right? Wrong.
         Examples: 1) Chivalry is virtually dead
                              2) When the King dies, his oldest offspring (a girl!) will become
                                   Queen (not his son first son)!
3) From my understanding, their politics seems pretty Libertarian... just how I like it!
4) One would NEVER wear jeans and flip flops together.

and most importantly...

Mika, Linnea's best friend from Sweden, just arrived and she brought with her two GINORMOUS bags of candy! Now, I'm not normally a fruity candy kind of girl, I'm usually alllllll over anything thats chocolate, but I figured I had to try traditional Swede candy!

Both bags were chalk full of this stuff!

Candy's sold in these kinds of bins instead of individually wrapped.

Now THIS is what I'm talking about! Mika brought jumbo bars of milk chocolate, hazelnut, and orange.

My tummy hurts :(


  1. no jeans and flipflops?? uh we'd have a problem. haha that're killing me! and i see you made great progress on your paper cough* i mean blog format hahahaha! wooooohooo! im still tired

  2. Hahaha today will be the day for that paper!