Saturday, March 5, 2011

You Betta Believe It

We bought a Betta fishy last night!

Say "Hello" to our new addition, Vegemite!

Why Vegemite, you may ask. When we first bought him, Meredith began talking to him in an accent (I think it was British... it was hard to tell).  I suggested that he probably was British so he should be named Crumpet.  She then informed me, and I quote, "I think he's more Australian. Maybe if he were pale with bad teeth he'd be British, but..." I agreed, so the first Australian thing that came into my mind was Vegemite; hence his name.  

Other suggestions for Australian names included:
Walla Walla 

Before we found this little guy, we were in search for a solid bright red almost orange betta that looked like a ninja.  Apparently, that's too much to ask for from PetCo.

We wanted to name him Mochi :)

Who knows, maybe Vegemite will have a friend named Mochi someday, but as of now, we're only willing to pay the $8 for one fish.

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