Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello: My Name Is Mr. Heckles

The boys upstairs were SOOOO noisy last night!!! They were yelling, running, and I'm pretty sure skateboarding above us. NOT COOL!  By 2am, we took out the ol' broom and gave them a taste of their own medicine (or an ear-full of their own medicine? hardy har har).  By the time 3am rolled around, Meredith stormed outside, shouted profane things at them, and threatened to call the cops if they didn't shut up. If I wasn't so annoyed and cranky, it would have been really funny!  I definitely felt a little Heckles come out in me.

After boxing this morning I headed over to Trader Joe's (this is becoming quite the routine... I love it!) It makes me feel so adult.  It's weird that in my spare time and days off from school now, I run errands, get gas, pay my bills, write scripts (ok, that parts actually pretty awesome).

The last thing on my list at TJ's was to picked up a snacky. I decided that after a weeks worth of homemade meals and cooking, it was time to let somebody else make my food; since Mom wasn't here, it was time to consult Joe, Trader Joe.  I picked up a scrumdiddlyumptious wrap Vietnamese Chicken Wrap.
Yes, it was delicious. Yes, I planned to only eat half but ate the entire thing.  Twas berry berry good for something you just find in the refrigerated section!

PS 1 month countdown until you visit!!!!

1 comment:

  1. oh god, welcome to my life. the people above us are so noisey!

    last time we complained tho, they threw a beer can at our door. NOT nice.

    that wrap looks delicious. i just stalked up on groceries so my week of homemade food has just begun!