Saturday, February 5, 2011

Uncle Jemima

Yes, yes I know. I've completely failed at life. I haven't blogged in ages but let me try to make it up.

Throughout this past week, after school, I've been heading down to the beach, plopping my butt down at a picnic table, and doing my homework.  The breeze usually starts kickin' in at 4:30 and it gets a little chilly but I usually stick it out until 5.

Did I mention, this is where I park every day too?  Not too shabby for Lauren!

Yesterday morning I ran out of my good old Kashi Go Lean Crunch AND my bananas! Was it the apocalypse?! I thought so! I ended up making something pretty delicious in spite of the traumatic start to my morning. I toasted an EarthGrain sandwich thin, spread a layer of avocado on each side, and topped it off with egg whites and spinach. 

After breakfast I headed out to my Friday class, Cardio Boxing. I am in love with this class. It's so intense and not only awesome cardio, but my arms and legs are actually sore too! It's seriously the wonder workout. 

Last night was a pretty relaxing night.  I watched Brothers & Sisters (amazing show!!!) and bought a box of mini Breyer's ice cream filled cookies. 

These ones to be exact!

Oh man. I used to ALWAYS buy those Nestle Toll House ice cream cookies at the movie theater. Popcorn? Candy? No way, ice cream cookies are ALWAYS the way to go! These were equally as delicious and definitely a better serving size. Let's be honest, if I open something, serving sizes go right out of the window. I'm going to finnish the entire thing. I may have actually eaten 2 too many of these babies but I really don't even care. Completely worth it. Plus, after a week of working out and actually following a "portion size rule" I think I deserved it!

This morning, I woke up and was reading a blogger's post about oatmeal. Ding Ding! I want oatmeal! Instead of oatmeal, I actually tried Cream of Wheat. I hear great things about it so I figured I'd give it a go! I have heard that it's a creamier version of oatmeal; can't go wrong with that! Plus, with a male version of Aunt Jemima on the cover, I figured it was bound to be amazing. After heating it up, I added a dash of cinnamon, honey, and almond butter. It wasn't bad but it didn't exactly tickle my fancy. I would definitely eat it again but I'm more an "oaty" kind of girl. Cream of Wheat seemed a little more grainy. It's like rice to polenta.

Anywho, hope you have a fantastic weekend! Tonight's one of the last nights of the Film Festival and my film is debuting! Whoot whoot!

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  1. yum!! those ice cream sandwiches look so good. I've decided that ice cream is one of my favorite foods. i'll have to snag a box of those from the store...or mint chip ice cream. havent decided yet haha.

    cardio boxing sounds like so much fun! and its so good that its REQUIRED exercise. i need some of that. its blizzarding today so i dont think i'll be going to the gym to walk off the 1,000,000 calories i consumed in alcohol, chips, cookies, ice cream, and french friends last night. oh well.

    i've tried cream of wheat before...its like gritz. i'm definitely a fan of oats too. i dont think i'll be getting cream of wheat anytime soon :/