Friday, January 28, 2011

Live From the Red Carpet

This morning was my first hands-on day of boxing! I'm expecting to be really sore tomorrow. It was such a fun class. If you can get over here for your spring break, you're coming with me! We mixed boxing with cardio which makes for a pretty intense class.

After I got out, I headed straight to Trader Joe's to pick up my week's groceries. I parked on the beach this morning for school, so when I left, I rolled down my windows, blasted some summery music, and took Shoreline (the street that parallels the ocean aka the street that Paul Walker lives on) all the way to TJ's.

Fun Fact: I was followed by a limo almost the entire drive from SBCC to TJ's. The Santa Barbara International Film Festival is taking place for the next two weeks and a handful of celebs come every year. Last year Brad and Angie made an appearance! I've been helping my Swedish friend, Linnea, come up with grammatically correct questions to ask people on the red carpet. She speaks English pretty well but she does sometimes mix up her words which leads you to give her a blank stare and just say "Huh?!" She was chosen to be the host and cover the red carpet for SBCC. Some of this year's guests include: Seth Rogan, Paul Walker, Rob Lowe, James Franco, Jeff Bridges, Nicole Kidman (and you know that means Keith Urban), Annette Bening, Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio, and a bunch more!

Funner (yes "funner") Fact: I have a ticket since the movie that I produced made it in! I secretly realllllly want to go tomorrow when Seth Rogan and James Franco are coming but I should probably save my ticket for next Saturday when my movie debuts. Hopefully Linnea will be able to sneak me in early ;)

I digress.

So, I came home from Trader Joe's with 2 bags of yummy groceries. I kept your last post in mind while shopping. Thankfully, i've regained momentum and am hoping to make some delicious meals!
Today's lunch was a veggie patty and egg scramble inspired by vous.  I sauted spinach and mushrooms in some olive oil with egg whites. Then, I added a Morning Star Griller Vegan patty and topped it off with Trader Joe's Roasted Red Bell Pepper Salsa and avocado. It was pretttttty good but I don't think those fake-meat patties sit well with me. This patty tasted like a Boca Burger. I'm not sure if its the taste or the ingredients, but those soy patties that taste like meat make my tummy upset. I LOVE other veggie patties though! The one's from Trader Joe's made of actual veggies are some of my favorite. I also am obsessed with nutbergers. Hopefully i'll acclimate so these patties don't go to waste.


  1. OMG I laughed out loud when you were talking about going the day James Franco will be there..cause I totally would haha. But I guess going the day your film debuts is cool too.

    And as always I am now starving after reading your blog. I miss California avocados so much. Living in the desert has its perks but good produce is not one of them :(

  2. I'm no longer an atheist...james franco=god.

    I'm so proud of your shopping spree, but sad to hear about the veggie patties. I think they taste delicious! different strokes i guess!

    your egg scramble looks amazing! well done, you've made mama proud :)