Friday, December 3, 2010

Very Nice! High Five!

No more classes!!! I just have finals week left which means I only have 3 more days of school!

After Skyping last night and discussing all of our Winter Christmas Break adventures, I've started a mental countdown of the hours left until we're home. (I can't stand the fact that people say its politically incorrect or whatever to call it "Christmas" break because not everybody celebrates Christmas. Honestly, that's just dumb. So from now on I'm protesting and ONLY say CHRISTMAS break. CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMASSSS!)

Yesterday was a super nice, lazy day.  This was went on in the world of Lauren...
1.  Went on a little run to the ocean and walked on the beach for 20 minutes. The ocean was gorgeous yesterday! There was a nice little layer of fog in front of the islands in the distance. It was quite picturesque!
2.  Watched the last 3 episodes of Dexter season 3 with Meredith and now we're DYING because season 4 isn't on Netflix :( :( :(
3.  Attempted to write my last 2 essays which I soon realized was not going to happen because I lost the prompt for one of them and am still waiting for my teacher to send back revisions of my other.
4.  Went on a little jog with Meredith
5.  Skyped you
6.  Watched Iron Man!
7.  Watched Fever Pitch
8.  Fell asleep
In the words of Borat... "Very Nice!"

On a side note, I've been wearing my Victoria's Secret terry cloth pants the past 2 days (similar to the Juicy ones) and I forgot how comfy and cozy they are! I also discovered that they can double as a towel to dry your hands on hahah

Now I'm drinking delicious burnt rice green tea and catching up on PBFingers. Oh man I love these kinds of days! I also just discovered that Netflix has an array of MK and Ash movies. WOOOP WOOOP! I know how I'm spending my day :)


  1. MK!! ma gurl!! passport to paris? always my fav

  2. bonjour! bonjour! bonjour! oh my god.