Saturday, November 27, 2010

This week has been madness!

No. This is SPARTA!!!! (sorry, whenever I say "madness" it's instinct to add the Sparta thing)

Since I've been home, I've been a busy, busy bee! I'm not sure if it's the Thanksgiving holiday or the fact that I haven't been at home for longer than 24 hours since August but the fact of the matter is, I've hardly had time to sit and do nothing! (which is my specialty)

My mom and I were at The Fountains this evening and it was the most experience! Let me just paint a little picture for you...
Lights strung everywhere sparkling like diamonds in the deep blue sky.
A crisp, cold night where I can just barely see my breath as I sing along the christmas music softly echoing in the background.
The smell of yummy candles and perfumes as we pass by Anthropology.
Simply wonderful.

We spent about 45 minutes wandering around West Elm saying "Ooooh! That's cute!" and "Oh my gosh I want that!" West Elm impressed me! They have really cute stuff. I didn't know too much about them until today, but they are owned by the same company as Pottery Barn and William Sonoma! Remember how I said I was going to get a job at Pottery Barn or Create and Barrel? Scratch that. I'm working at West Elm! If you work there you get a 75% discount on their store, Pottery Barn, AND William Sonoma! All I have to say is my house is about to be GORGEOUS!

My mom and I just came home and are watching Private Chefs of Beverly Hills and made sundaes for dessert!
Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Bananas, Melted Chunky Peanut Butter and Chocolate Sauce.

Now I'm sitting with anxiety thinking about all of the essays that I have due soon. I'm going to be secluding myself for the next 2 weeks. I have to write four 6 page essays in the matter of the next week and a half! AHHH! I probably should have worked on some of them this week like I had originally planned :/ Eeeek!

I hope you don't think I've forgotten about you! Sorry I bailed for about the hundredth time this week on Skyping. I'll text you tomorrow! We'll have an extra long Skype sesh when I get back to Santa Barbara if you aren't busy :)


  1. Wheres my sundae? I always get so freaking hungry reading your blog... ughhhh

  2. yum!!! the sundae looks amazing. i like the bowl its in too! and i know! west elm is great! its more contemporary than pottery barn which i like. i think im gonna join you....can we work there together? i mean we're gonna live together in the future anyways! haha fashoo

  3. Lauren, I'll make a special one for you when you finally come home :)

    YES! We need to work at West Elm and collect furniture for the future!