Monday, November 22, 2010

Sacratomato Never Looked So Good

The day has finally come! Not a day too soon. My fasha is on his way to come pick me up! YAY one step closer to Thanksgiving/Winter/Christmas delightfulness :) We're hoping to be on the road by 10am so we can beat traffic.

So many thoughts running through my mind right now!
1.  I'll be home to watch GLEE!!!!!!!!! (This is numero uno because I haven't watched TV in I don't even remember how long! It'll be great to reunite with my ol' pal Stevie the TV again)
2.  Thanksgiving is SO CLOSE! It doesn't feel like that time of year yet. The one downfall to living in southern California is that all the seasons mush together into one great season I like to call Summer. Occasionally we'll get a "cold" summer day but that's about it. Even if it's raining, the sun will peak right back out once the rain stops.
3.  I want to run along the American River again! (I just noticed the common theme of "!" in this post. I guess I'm pretty excited!!!!!
5.  Kobe

6.  Just being cozy at home with Mom and Dad (Now you need to come home so we can reunite our big happy family :) Christmas card? Eh, eh?)

I'm listening to Girl Talk's new album All Day right now. They did not disappoint!


  1. awww this post makes me soo happy! and so sad at the same time! i wish i could be doing all of those things with you! you better document your thanksgiving for and all.