Friday, November 12, 2010

The Pilot Post

Whelp, here's the first post! The "Pilot"... get it? Like the pilot episodes of television shows? Hah! Sometimes my genius amazing me.

Anyways, I think this "blogging for each other" idea that you had is genius. Two genius best friends. How appropriate! Since I'll be using this to inform you about my life, I might as well start right now.

I started my morning by going to my 2 Friday classes. Luckily, today was the last day for both of them! Whoooooo! They are only 2 unit classes so they end early... I'm not complaining. We decided to party in one of them. It got pretty crazy! The prof took of her jacket and started swinging it above her head like a lasso as she danced on top of the tables! It was MADNESS! Ok, that didn't really happen. She just made baked goodies for us. White/milk chocolate chip cookies AND peanut butter cookies. My friend made cheesecake brownies for the occasion. Sweet mother of Pearl were they delicious!

As I proceeded to leave school and wait at the bus stop to head back home to Isla Vista, I came upon a man perched in a tree... meditating? Not something you see every day so, naturally, I took a picture of it for you.

Then, I got home and went on a run. All I have to say is: About time! I don't think I've gone on a nice run that exceeded 3 miles in months! Its appalling. I ended up running about 6 miles and felt amazing afterwards. Even though I didn't run fast (only like a 10-11 minute mile), at least I got out there! Here's a little visual story of my run for you...

Then I found a little trail that lead up the cliff.

I'm so glad that I decided to venture up there because it ended up being beautiful!

When I came home from my run, I remembered to check my mail! Guess what I found... a little package from you! I was so excited! When I opened it, I had a mini heart attack. Buckeyes and a postcard of horses!? What more could a girl ask fore?!?! Thank you!!!!!!! The buckeyes are addicting and delicious. Let's be honest, they'll probably be gone in about 5 days.

Can't wait to see what you've been up to! Wish you were here, and I miss you like crazy!

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  1. I'm obsessed with you. I've read this post 4 times. You're going all out with this blog (tabs at the top) and I LOVE it!!